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We have some good news to share in the world of consumer food! Check out the article below for a couple of exciting headlines from this week.
Chefs Chris Carter and James Peisker believe we have the power to make the world a better place with every meal. Through Porter Road butcher, they are now turning this belief into reality.
Researchers at the Boyce Thompson Institute have constructed the perfect watermelon—returning “lost” genes from the domesticated fruit’s wild relatives that improve both taste and resilience during the growing process.
Students are getting first-hand experience with growing, harvesting, and tasting fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the school gardens through the Murfreesboro City Schools system program Farm2School.
It’s National Farmers Market Week! A time for local farmers and consumers across the U.S. to celebrate the growth, impact, and vital role of farmers markets in America’s food supply chain.
Researchers at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute found human sewage, not fertilizer, is mainly responsible for dangerous nitrogen levels in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon.
Stan and Vanessa Nabors of FaithWay Cattle in Bishop, Georgia, know their customers appreciate where their food comes from, buy from local producers, and live a healthy lifestyle.
Happy Independence Day from all of us at RFD-TV! We pulled together a playlist of some of our favorite country songs to play this Fourth of July!
A new study identified compounds within a “failed” tuberculosis treatment that effectively fight some herbicide-resistant “superweeds” in Australia. Researchers say their findings could be a “game-changer for the agriculture sector.”
Dennis Quaid has been very busy lately — whether he is entertaining us on-screen in an array of iconic roles or serenading us on-stage as the frontman of Dennis Quaid & The Sharks — we have a lot to ask the acclaimed actor & singer-songwriter when he visits RFD-TV’s TalkShopLive!
When discussing pollinators, most minds jump to bumblebees and butterflies. According to two new studies released in the United Kingdom, conservationists may need to adjust focus to include a very important nighttime pollinator: moths.
For many in the ag community, these food safety tips might be common knowledge. However, taking the extra precaution is worth avoiding a ‘spoiled’ summertime outing!
Ten years ago in Ohio, an online farmers market service called Market Wagon was created to give farmers another outlet to sell their products year-round.
Save this list to have on hand when you hit your local grocery store, farmerfarmers market, or CSA all season long!