Apple Hill’s Autumn Delights: Savoring the sweetness of Northern California’s harvest season

Explore the culinary wonders of Camino’s Apple Hill, where tradition meets delicious innovation at community institutions like Larsen Apple Barn.

As fall’s golden hues blanket Northern California, the Apple Hill region awakens with the promise of a flavorful adventure. Nestled in Camino, just east of Placerville, Apple Hill boasts over 50 growers, and this harvest season promises a cornucopia of delectable treats for visitors to discover.

One must-stop on this gastronomic journey is the charming Larsen Apple Barn, a haven for apple enthusiasts. Host Rob Stewart delves into the heart of Apple Hill, where he meets Lynn Larsen, the custodian of this apple paradise.

Lynn Larsen is no ordinary apple aficionado, she is the queen of apples at Larsen Apple Barn, running the show with a passion that’s as sweet as their apple creations.

“The customers that come, the apples that we grow —this is our life,” Larsen said with an infectious smile.

A highlight of the visit is the revelation of their renowned apple pies, each containing nearly three pounds of freshly picked apples.

“Grandma’s crust—great-grandma’s, we don’t change it,” Larsen said, describing their signature crust that uses all vegetable oil to bind the crust before it is filled with the warm flavors of brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter, capturing the essence of homemade comfort.

Rob Stewart gets to sample more delights, like the hot and delicious apple dumplings—flaky pastries encasing a tender, cinnamon-kissed apple, served with an irresistible cider sauce. The secret ingredient? Love, of course.

But the culinary journey does not end there. Lynn introduces Rob to the apple strudel, a delightful pastry served with a hot apple cinnamon cider sauce made from fresh apple juice. The flavors are distinctly apple, a testament to the simplicity and purity of Apple Hill’s offerings.

As Rob revels in these exquisite creations, it becomes evident that Apple Hill is a haven for food enthusiasts. Lynn encourages visitors to explore the diverse bake shops, each offering its own unique delights.

Lynn Larsen’s family has been a part of this picturesque land for seven generations, and she emphasizes the magic of Northern California’s Apple Hill. With its rolling hills and bountiful orchards, this region invites everyone to savor the season’s bounty and make cherished memories.

Indeed, Apple Hill is not just a place, but an experience for visitors ready to embark on a sensory journey through the flavors of fall, where tradition meets delicious innovation in every bite.

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